Privacy Policy

The reserves the right to set policies affecting its member’suse of the site and its features, and its interaction with other members. The following policies are integrated in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website and are specifically presented in brief as guidelines to its members.

Members’ Conduct

Members are obliged to exercise decency, fairness and honesty in all transactions, interactions and communications undertaken in this website. The same conduct is expected in respect to the other members of the community as much as the site intends to create a healthy interactive environment within the website.  Members are nonetheless expected to be acquainted with the Terms and Conditions and abide by the same.


Member’s profile should be filled in with truthful details regarding the member. Misrepresentation is an offense in the website, and offending member may be subject to suspension or termination of the same account.

The reserves the right to require members to submit further verification details regarding the identity and other relevant information from the member.

Posting of obscene, graphic and offensive Profile and File photos is strictly prohibited in the website. The fosters a healthy interactive environment for its members.

A member’s profile is exclusive for his or her sole use. It may not be used for any other purposes as that allowed by the Terms and Conditions of the website.


Members of the are expected to exercise decency and respect in posting status messages over the website. The website reserves the right to flag or take down posts it may deem offensive against another member of the community. may also take down posts that are offensive against a specific race, gender, culture, and other personal circumstances.

Members may enjoy posting status messages as a feature of the website but may not be arbitrarily abused through posting of spam, repetitive, and abusive posts.


Communications between members of the are treated with utmost confidentiality and may not, under any circumstance, be divulged to a third party. Members are assured of the comprehensive Privacy Policy upheld by the website which should nonetheless cover the right to confidentiality in terms of private communications. A member may report to the messages from another member that are indicative of harassment, verbal abuse, explicit languages and messages containing communications of the same nature. The reserves the right to inhibit a member from sending in offensive messages to another member.


Privilege to create comments and blog under the Forum page of the is exclusive only to paid members. Posts, comments, and blogs under the Forum page may be moderated in line with the Terms and Conditions of Use policies of the website. A member may be banned from posting comments in the forums when he/shehas violated the Forum rules three times. Members may be ranked in the Forum based solely on the hits of “likes” and “thanks” on his or her post/s.

Paid members may also come up with his/her own blog in the Forum. Members are encouraged to blog about their experiences relevant to the purpose of the Blogs may nonetheless be taken down by the website for the offensive, profane, abusive languages or topics expressed in the blog.