Linda mich

Linda mich

Age: 31 years
Gender: Female
Country: United States
I suffered from a great loss at a very young age. Today, I am starting to fill in every void thanks to my new found hope--- Michael.
Since my husband's early demise, I have not really been open to the idea of dating. I was 23 when we got married, and he died two years right after that. I was 25; they say it's young but I was in great emotional pain from the loss of my prince charming. So, the thing is I have been trying to get through the days without him-and yes, I did. When I was 29 and ready to love again, it was by the same year that I met Matthew. Well, he is 20 years older than me but whenever I am with him, I feel like I am just with a guy of my age. We get along so well that we decide to bring it to the next level. Matthew and I are now living together, and I must say that it's been like feeling love for the first time. It's all brand-new. I believe that everyone deserves a love like this-even as a second chance.

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