nina  wiliams

nina  wiliams

Age: 36 years
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Sometime it takes more than what you have for you to realize your needs. I thought I had everything but with Raffy I can have so much better. Thanks to YWC for bringing us closer.
I was working as a DJ in a gentleman's club. I am used to receiving indecent proposals from men who makes it hard to resist my charm. Oh yeah, I am so aware of how attractive and desirable I am when it comes to men. They go gaga over me, especially when I start to feel my groove during my set. I am part of their fantasies, and I'm used to it. What I am not used to is a guy ignoring me. Raffy ignored me. I was trying to make my way to my table (turntable), when a guy is literally blocking my way through and I cannot pass. I tap him and smiled and asked if he could move; he did. He moved. Without throwing me any glance, he moved. Something inside me didn't feel right. So I work my way through him that night. I did everything I know about flirting but none of it worked. The night ended and while I am walking on my way to the station, a car is moving beside me. I looked at it and saw him, smiling at me. He offered me a ride and from where he fetched me to my place, everything just falls into the right place. I fell and have been in love to this day.

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