Age: 64 years
Gender: Male
- Writing has never been this easy. With Sylvia beside me, nothing is impossible; and with YWC, our love is more powerful than ever. Thank you for accepting and supporting a loves story like ours.
You will never hear me utter anything that makes sense without believing every sense of it. I love words. Words feed me. I have been a writer since time in memorial. I spent my life travelling from one place to another in search of the most inspiring location I can encounter. And indeed I have encountered… her. Sylvia just struck something inside of me that even the Eiffel tower failed to tickle. She was such a wonder. Spent more than week thinking about when I would be able to see her again. I searched from street to street, cafe to cafe, just to get a glimpse of that face again. Today, I wake up each day seeing Gretchen's face. She is more than just an inspiration. She is my life. We have two sons and is living in France.

Theodore Friend's