Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor

Age: 52 years
Gender: Male
Country: United States
I was known to be very sceptic about many things; until I met the certainty I had been so long waiting for when I met Beatrice. She became the risk I was so lucky to take.
They call me sceptic Freddy. Since my wife and I had been divorced, I never wanted to give love another try. While not many may have known it then, the separation was way more painful that I can manage. I was depressed and felt really bored about life. There came a point when I wanted to initiate my own demise. It must be a miracle though that I chanced upon meeting Beatrice. Introduced to me by a former colleague, Beatrice's womanly air gave me the shivers like the first time I felt love. Since that fateful meeting, I decided to pursue her and take that chance again. Many of her friends and family opposed to our relationship though, and it's not all smooth sailing. We gather strength from each other nonetheless, and we both know, this is the love to last forever.

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