john pina

john pina

Age: 46 years
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Never be afraid to be hurt, coz in your darkest hours shall your prayers be heard. Michelle is my answered prayer.
Four failed relationships, almost 28 years of my life have been put to waste, and I have yet to have a child of my own. These were the thoughts that haunted me on my way to a blind date arranged by one of my best friends. Reluctant at first, I thought of all the time and effort this might take from me and soon this would just be one of my many regrets. Another factor is that she is 18 years younger than me. How am I supposed to bridge that nearly two decade-gap? But I took that chance and have never regretted it since then. Michelle is my life and we will forever live in perfect harmony because we compensate for each other’s shortcomings. I have never been this certain about something.

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