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Are you looking for a serious relationship with a younger woman? Do you long for love, happiness, and a future you can look forward to? Then YoungWifeClub.com is the place to be!

We intensively screen each young woman we interview before allowing them on our site, evaluating them for attitude, honesty, and personal appearance. It is of the utmost importance to us that we be able to offer our clients the very best in a lasting relationship.

The women you'll meet on our site are serious, honest and sincere. After many years of searching (and being scammed by other "dating sites"), we decided to create a truly unique relationship site. One on which our clients will feel well taken care of. A site they can put their faith in. A place to find that very special person to walk though life with.

That's what YoungWifeClub.com offers you!

Exclusive Members
I have been a teacher in the university for 25 years. I have dedicated my life in helping these kids learn their way through life. Every one of them shares something that I consider a learning too. It's sad to see them go every term that ends. Chad, a senior student, left a thank you note on my desk for one whole semester of learning, and then at the end of the letter he asked me to have dinner with him to show his gratitude. At first I was very hesitant because I know how people mind works but three days after giving me the note, a knock on my doorstep came and I saw him standing there with a bouquet of roses. I was stunned and could not move for 5 seconds until he smiled at me and gave me the flowers. That night was the best night of my life. We decided to keep our relationship until he graduated. Today, we are open about our love for each other. Time does work magic.
After been marred for about 8yaers, I found out that my wife ishaving afare with our friend I don't know for how long it's been, I was devastated , I can't acceptlosing her in my life I don’t know what I should do, I turned to alcohol and gut 3 DUI, so left my town for a year . in my return my friend offered a tripoutside the country, we left a sun as I receive my Passport, When we arrive he shod me the butyl of that country and beautiful beaches beautiful white sand, He have introduce me to a lot of his friend I don't know that someone have this many friend, but one particular friend that coat my eye, I'mreluctant to approach her, becauseshe is a lot younger then I and I have not done this for along long time, so my friend invited her for diner and some night life, that was the best time of my life, the next day I invited her for lunch and movie, after that were inseparable, for the rest of my vacation, Its time to go home my stomach is turningmy felling for this girl is very strong, don't want to live I don’t want to get hurtagain, I ask my friend on what I should do, how can I bring her here to me, he gave me advise on what to do and what paper to file as he did with lots of other people, 6 mount later she is here with me, Now we have a letter girl, life can’t be any better. To my friend thanks’ for giving me light to my new life I dint only have my friend, now I have this website to
I have travelled around the world and been into different magnificent places. I have seen and experience all there is to experience in this world, yet I still feel incomplete. After my divorce I spend my time travelling. I retired early because of some sickness I never knew how I acquired. Finding love was not even on my list, for me spending time with my kids was the most important thing. During one adventure, a friend of mine introduced me to his patron guide, Lydia, and everything else is history. Now I still live with my backpack but now I carry two backpacks, one’s mine and the other is Lydia's. Now I appreciate my living better.
I can call it love at first sight. Well, he wasn't really the type of guy I'd go for. He's 25 and I have just turned 46. It was on my birthday dinner out with friends that I met him, he was a new colleague of one of companions that night. Since the time we were introduced to one another, I have been thinking about him. It took some time before I gave in to the idea that I want him, I want him in my life. So we went dating and finally decided to live together. The first few months were really tough—he wasn't in speaking terms with his family as they greatly dislike the thought of him having to live with a woman that's way too "old" for him. But the thing is, we both realized that age barrier does not have to matter when you're in love. Yes, it's tough, and we are not really in perfect terms with his family yet. In spite of this, we are hopeful, and in love.
It's my story 
Four failed relationships, almost 28 years of my life have been put to waste, and I have yet to have a child of my own. These were the thoughts that haunted me on my way to a blind date arranged by one of my best friends. Reluctant at first, I thought of all the time and effort this might take from me and soon this would just be one of my many regrets. Another factor is that she is 18 years younger than me. How am I supposed to bridge that nearly two decade-gap? But I took that chance and have never regretted it since then. Michelle is my life and we will forever live in perfect harmony because we compensate for each other’s shortcomings. I have never been this certain about something.
I often go out with friends; drinking and gambling are our main source of entertainment. I live my life carefree because since birth I have yet to get what I desire. Marriage was a scary thing for me. I never imagined myself being tied down to a relationship for the rest of my life. I remember planning a quest for the fountain of youth with my friends at a drinking session. I love to have fun and always live on the edges of every journey I tread; then Sandy bumped into me, literally. I was doing my regular morning workout when she accidentally tripped and bumped me. I wasn't attracted to her at first. I mean I was busy thinking of the poker game that would happen that night, but then she asked me for a coffee. The next fifteen minutes changed my life forever. She is the fun I have been looking for all my life. We are happily married and will be having our first baby in 4 months. Living life in fast lane is fun until you find your reason for living.

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