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I love women. They say it's natural with men, and same goes to me. The irony of the situation is that in spite of this want for women, I have not been very lucky when it comes to finding my true love. I grew mature with the habit, and came a point when I looked back and think that maybe, I missed her; the one that could have changed my life forever. I was almost losing hope when I met Angie. I met her in one of my travels abroad and she gave me the feeling that where she is, is where I am home. This is in spite the fact that my country is thousands of miles away from hers. While it is a bit difficult to make her family accept me as a part of theirs, being Angie's partner, I still do my best every time. If only I had met her earlier, it would have been a different story. But then I know, that Angie loves me for who I am—my age included.




It's my story 
After been marred for about 8yaers, I found out that my wife ishaving afare with our friend I don't know for how long it's been, I was devastated , I can't acceptlosing her in my life I don’t know what I should do, I turned to alcohol and gut 3 DUI, so left my town for a year . in my return my friend offered a tripoutside the country, we left a sun as I receive my Passport, When we arrive he shod me the butyl of that country and beautiful beaches beautiful white sand, He have introduce me to a lot of his friend I don't know that someone have this many friend, but one particular friend that coat my eye, I'mreluctant to approach her, becauseshe is a lot younger then I and I have not done this for along long time, so my friend invited her for diner and some night life, that was the best time of my life, the next day I invited her for lunch and movie, after that were inseparable, for the rest of my vacation, Its time to go home my stomach is turningmy felling for this girl is very strong, don't want to live I don’t want to get hurtagain, I ask my friend on what I should do, how can I bring her here to me, he gave me advise on what to do and what paper to file as he did with lots of other people, 6 mount later she is here with me, Now we have a letter girl, life can’t be any better. To my friend thanks’ for giving me light to my new life I dint only have my friend, now I have this website to

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