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My husband is 25 years older than I am. When we got married, I was 28, he was 53.
And here we are, over 19 years married happily, a wonderful family and a fabulous marriage.
For us, it's worked totally fine. 
We haven't had any problems directly related to the age difference, but I know some people do. It all depends upon the individual circumstances, health, etc.

I have travelled around the world and been into different magnificent places. I have seen and experience all there is to experience in this world, yet I still feel incomplete. After my divorce I spend my time travelling. I retired early because of some sickness I never knew how I acquired. Finding love was not even on my list, for me spending time with my kids was the most important thing. During one adventure, a friend of mine introduced me to his patron guide, Lydia, and everything else is history. Now I still live with my backpack but now I carry two backpacks, one’s mine and the other is Lydia's. Now I appreciate my living better.

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